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What is Psychedelic Consultancy? 


This is a service to midwife already established therapeutic & medical clinics into psychedelic consciousness. If you are a business looking to add psychedelic psychotherapy to your offerings in the near-future, this consultation will help you learn the ins-and-outs of your business's body, heart, & mind, allowing you to step into psychedelic consciousness with a grounded, holistic, & well-informed foundation. 


As a psychedelic consultant, I offer three prongs of support: body, heart, & mind.


To learn the majesty of the body, your team’s training will begin with a full-day of 5Rhythms® movement. This fosters connection, trust, & playfulness among you all, & thus strengthens the container you offer others. 5Rhythms® is an ecstatic practice known to break down barriers, catalyze catharsis, and deepen one’s authentic presence—much like psychedelic medicines.


To support the heart, I open mine: this consulting curriculum is culled from my own dark personal journey with psychedelics, which has included a couple psychotic breaks, mystically-inspired nihilism, nihilism-inspired addiction, & other oft-overlooked dark spots in psychedelic conversation. Included in this is a clear outline of what I call “the pitfalls on the psychedelic brick road,” or, all of the places the heart can close from too much intensity.


Finally, the mind will be thoroughly schooled in the current literature, science, & clinical considerations from both Depth Psychology & Clinical Psychology. My background in anthropology, comparative religion, & non-ordinary states of consciousness allows for a rich, academically-informed perspective on the irrational underworld of psychedelia. Themes such as archetypes & mythology, spiritual experience, madness, diagnosis & intake, psychopharmacology, & contra-indications will be presented. This is didactic & can be tailored to various levels, from novice practitioners to high level. 


A bit more context...


As medical establishments, therapy practices, religious institutions, retreat centers, and even places of education accept their various roles in the Psychedelic Renaissance, there will be need of understanding “psychedelically informed” practice. While many of the established medical, therapeutic, and social order remains, it is wrong to believe that one can simply add psychedelic medicines to their pre-existing system and thus have a psychedelic psychotherapy practice. There are psychological and neurological understandings which are vital to the success of psychedelic use—and more often than not, these understandings are ignored entirely by mainstream, cognitive-behavioral, materialist, and empirical educational programs. The scientist-practitioner model of “straight” Clinical Psychology or medical psychiatry programs simply does not cut it once you start working with psychedelics. 


To properly enter into, work within, and integrate entheogenic experiences, one needs an understanding of the Deep Psyche. Transpersonal reality, such as the spiritual, ancestral, and extradimensional layers of the inner world; existential reality as it relates to the visceral experience of dying or witnessing the death of something within; archetypal reality, such as the mythological, pantheistic, and collective aspects of one’s story; birth trauma and its effect on the nervous system & one's embodiment; the symbolic play of images, impulses, projection, transference, and psychodrama; and “death doula-ing” or tending to the grief someone has been holding for years are just some of the “extra” layers of psyche one faces when engaging with entheogens. In order to be prepared to embrace these inner states—the Deep Psyche unleashed—one needs to do more than read the scientific literature or have a handful of positive, well-integrated personal psychedelic experiences. 


In order to be psychedelically informed you need to know the darkness and the light. You need to hear from someone who has been to hell and back, experimented with every substance under the sun, learned all of the above from first hand experience, and also speaks the language of the mainstream rational academic paradigm. You do not need dry research results or another rational psychonaut hemming and hawing about “set & setting.” You need Alice after she’s come back from Wonderland.


I offer real world, first hand experience of the depth, darkness, slipperiness, danger, and objective truth of the unconscious. I cut my teeth on the underbelly of psychedelics, but have strengthened and forged this relationship through sober, deep, thorough personal analysis & academic education.


I not only speak the language of the psychedelic underworld, but I can translate it into mainstream scientific parlance. 


I know the angels and demons of these experiences from my own spelunking, but I also know the world of academic research, psychological assessment, standardized treatment models, and clinical diagnosis from my decade of academic education, research, and work in the field. I am the marriage of mainstream education and underground phenomenology. This makes me the ideal consultant for your transition into the psychedelic renaissance. 

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