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Your symptoms are showing up to lead you back to yourself.

When we’ve strayed too far from our truth, from the vital spark which we are meant to steward with our "one wild & precious life", we become symptomatic. Neurotic. Pathological. Depressed. 


These symptoms are your soul, longing for your tender attention, trying to return you home to yourself. Perhaps for the first time.

Your task now is to listen to them. 


I am here to hold space for that listening, & move with you into recognition of yourself. To discover you, with you. 


It is the unexamined life which breeds disconnection, for when we are disconnected from ourselves, we are utterly unable to connect with anything else. Examination begins by paying attention to what’s going on beneath the habituated patterns on the surface of your being; it begins when you say yes to taking a closer look. 


Together, you & I will foster intimacy with what’s really true for you. The truth of your pain & heartbreak, and the truth of your shining power. 


Every human on this planet has developed some kind of false self in an effort to avoid suffering. This false self is ready to die—that’s what your symptoms are saying. The cracks in the facade are starting to show, & you’re starting to realize there’s a whole lot more of you that’s never seen the light of day. You found me to help you with this unfurling. 


The analytical container is alchemical & insightful. It can get dark. It can be confronting, maddening, fraught, awkward, tedious, tragic, painstaking, shadowy, or none of these things. It can also be inspiring, illuminating, transformative, heart opening, & mind expanding. I hold this so very seriously, but oh so lightly. Fierce compassion, deep seeing, & honest connection—that is how I honor you.

I can help with:

Depression & anxiety 

Body issues—food issues, dysmorphia, dissociation 

Intimacy & love blockages 

Addiction, co-dependency, mania, & self-betrayal 

Integrating peak experiences (psychedelically induced or otherwise)

Spiritual emergence/y 

Life transitions

Embodying healthy adulthood 

Nondual weirdness (realizations gone wrong) 

Narcissistic wounding 

Early childhood & sexual trauma 

Creative blocks 

Nihilism, meaninglessness, apathy 

Religiosity, mysticism, & fostering a truer connection with the divine 

I work with:



Couples (or more, if poly is your thing) 

Working in this way means we attend to the unconscious as it shows up in dreams, imagination/fantasy, & synchronicities or accidents. I hold that psyche is objective—we are all unfolding archetypally, as much as we are developing individually. As such, our work might include myths, fairy tales, & some exploration of deeper cultural patterns. 


While I primarily orient through a Jungian lens, I have a firm foundation in humanistic, existential, & transpersonal psychology, so my methods wander as needed. I am also trained in Integrative Harm Reduction, a compassion-based, non-abstinence approach to treating addiction.


To live an examined life is no small feat—indeed, it is to make a masterpiece out of nothing but your sheer existence using only the information you have available at any given moment—and it requires courage to face your fears, tolerance of the mystery, & a willingness to be both totally surrendered & righteously assertive. At moments, you will not be able to muster these things—which is why I’m here. Our container can contain what you cannot hold on your own. 

“It is high time that we realize that it is pointless to praise the light and preach it if nobody can see it. It is much more needful to preach the art of seeing.”

~ CG Jung 

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