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5Rhythms is a dynamic, transformational embodiment practice which makes use of the most simple & effective human technologies we have—breath, body, & music—to grow, heal, deepen, & ultimately transform our consciousness. 

If you free your body, your mind will follow.

Most people engage with the world from the top down & from the outside in—that is, head & society before self. Generally, folks relate to their bodies as if they were nothing more than fleshy, animated machines that want things. 

But the body is so much more; in fact, the body is all at once the door, the lock, and the key to your becoming. The body, without fail, contains the secret fertilizer for your own personal flowering. It is through embodied practice that a person learns to reorient themselves & experience the world from the bottom up & inside out, thus becoming their own authority.

By conversing with the body, a person frees themself of the tyranny of rationality & begins the journey of becoming a soulful powerhouse intuitive magician of the highest order.


In the 5Rhythms® practice, we move through five stages, or energetics, to connect with & fully embody the totality of life itself.


These five energetics--the Rhythms--are Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, & Stillness. 

  • FLOWING: grounded, earthy, cyclical, and nurturing. Its direction is IN. 

  • STACCATO: percussive, containing, expressive, and clear. Its direction is OUT. 

  • CHAOS: wild, released, surrendered, and free. Its direction is DOWN.

  • LYRICAL: spontaneous, funky, playful, and mysterious. Its direction is UP. 

  • STILLNESS: centered, meditative, connected, and breathful. Its direction is ALL AROUND. 


By moving through these five distinct rhythms, and harnessing both the power & wisdom from each one, we set ourselves free into the natural flow of life. Ever moving, ever still. 


By practicing the 5Rhythms® we can become who we truly are. That is, we can become totally free. 

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