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As your ritual emcee, whether a wedding, divorce, graduation, or funeral, I open the doors to the liminal & allow the space for you, your beloved, and your guests to gracefully dance into whatever’s next; that endless mystery. Silliness, spontaneity, spiritual scholarship, & poetry combine to allow for the deepest celebration of What Is—the simplest expression of life right where it is. What better way to mark your transition than to find the way in which you & only you can sacralize this moment. That’s ritual. 



Ancient wisdom teaches us the importance of marking the momentous events in our lives. Traditionally, the transitional moments of human life—births, graduations, marriages, divorces, deaths—were considered sacrosanct. They were moments ‘out of time,’ set apart from the mundane dealings of daily life through intention, action, & ritual celebration. These moments are lifted up & out of the regular timeline, cherished as sacred, for they are moments wherein we are connected to the liminal—that invisible pattern of endless life which glimmers just under the surface of reality. 


In our modern culture, we have maintained the external celebration of transitional moments, but lost the thread of personal meaning which vitalizes these transitions. Our marriage festivities have become more about objects & actives than intentions; our graduations have become more about checking some perfunctory box than releasing an old identity. If, like me, that reality hurts you, then consider an alternative. 


As your mistress of ceremonies, officiant, or spiritual spaceholder, I will work with you, your partner, & any relevant family members to discover a ritual celebration that is absolutely unique to you & the life event you are celebrating. Drawing from years of religious scholarship, a rich understanding of symbolism & mythology, & no uncertain way with words, I will craft a celebration which honors you, your ancestors, & your unique relationship to the divine. 


This is a cornucopia for the postmodern spiritual practitioner, while still remaining deeply rooted in traditional initiation standards & the perennial wisdom of the ancients. Totally un-woo, absolutely tailor-made, seamlessly incorporating the most meaningful kernels of truth of whatever lineage runs through your veins, & in deep service to your flourishing.





Rituals invite us into the liminal space of mystery, into the wild light of magic, into the abundance of community. 


Rituals mark the happening of something which is so profound our identity will never be the same. Rituals are the threshold from one state of being to another. They are the alchemical container which allows for the death of an old self & the birth of a new. 


Rituals bring us together, as the celebrated individuals cross a threshold into the mysterious unknown future enveloped in the compassionate, supportive witnessing of their chosen family. 


Rituals set our intentions, as the psyche becomes externally symbolized in carefully chosen objects, music, words, & playful creation. In ritual, participants have an opportunity to concretize their deep desires & align their inner world with the outer reality. 


Rituals utilize our two most valuable resources—time & attention—in service of the ineffable truth. By setting aside time to honor our important moments with distraction-free time & generous attention, rituals create potent energetic eddies in our personal timeline. As we continue to flow through life, we can always anchor in these eddies, revitalized by the time & attention we paid to creation.


[Ordained as a minister by the Universal Life Church; legally permitted to perform marriage ceremonies in the United States with this designation. Credentials available upon request.] 


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