“I was a dancer my whole life until I was raped and almost murdered by 2 strangers. My healing journey has been long and arduous.  The month I met Mackenzie, I had just finished with all of the legal proceedings. And what she led... it was the first time in years that I felt like I was dancing again. Not just doing the steps but actually dancing from whatever part of my soul is left - if there is one. And it gave me hope that maybe someday I will get to do that again for real. So thank you (Mackenzie) for giving me a little medicine that I needed so so desperately. It meant more than I will ever be able to say.”

annonymous; Human Resources

As a student, Mackenzie is incredibly dedicated to the practice, and in her last five years as a teacher, I have seen her open herself with grace & curiosity to the tribulations and beauty of being human. She is deeply dedicated to the exploration & use of dance and the body in psychotherapy. In particular, I can think of several times when, on the dance floor in one of my workshops, I saw her show up for a person in a state of crisis or catharsis with high levels of skill, intuition, and heart.

Off the dance floor, I find Mackenzie to be a highly intelligent and frequently avant guard thinker, able to move around topics related to psychology, meditation, social and personal development with ease, and argue a good case. She is easy to work with, being friendly with a good sense of humour, and most importantly able to work through disagreements and potentially conflicting issues with a high degree of self-awareness and responsibility as well as possessing excellent communication skills.

Adam barley; zeroone founder

“Mackenzie is true truth seeker and a great guide on the path to authentic freedom. She facilitates with boldness and heart, leading us skilfully back to what matters most. She is a wise, wild one, deeply in service of bringing us into our own precious presence; and boldly back in to our own embodied wisdom.”

Tess; united kingdom

"Mackenzie Amara is a true artist. Her 5Rhythms experience is deeply energizing and revelatory. She's a brilliant communicator. A ritual she co-created (which I helped facilitate a number of times) - "Shaman's Death" - is, especially for the participants, but for the facilitators as well, boldly challenging and fundamentally transformative.

Her work in service to healing is thoughtful and intelligent, yet spontaneous and generous of spirit."

richard kent green; actor, shamanista

“Mackenzie possesses a fierce compassion, tender holding, and vulnerable strength. My experience with her in that magical wood was/is profound. Her ability to be there with me and for me in one of the most pivotal moments stays with me. She continues to hold me and we are still wrestling. Thank you.”

sakshi; yoga teacher trainer

“Mackenzie's playful approach lead me to new territories in my own physicality. Walked out with a smile and new embodied sense of investigation of my own: curiosity, impulse, elegancy and instinct as a mover. Thank you.”

nagev; movement facilitator 

"I had the privilege of  experiencing Mackenzie's sharp skills as an insightful co-leader of a dance and movement, deep self-disclosing workshop. Quite often, she was very fierce in her willingness to support, not only my process ~ which entailed some struggling to open up - but others' as well. Although she was deeply supportive of the group, Mackenzie was also able to maintain her radical independence throughout the entire workshop, Mackenzie was always honest and authentic in her sharing and by doing so, gave permission for others like myself to trust the experience of letting go of my hurt and pain."

Suzanne; high school teacher

"Mackenzie's skill in empathetically listening to the room and then skillfully adapting to the moment allowed for far greater depth of emotional exploration than you usually get from a dance workshop. Definitely seek her workshops out!”

dwight; scientist & artist

“Mac is raw but tender. She has a perspicacious intuition and is not afraid to follow it. Stands her ground but willing to adjust her approach to best fit your needs. Will also bust your chops if needed. Most importantly she will acknowledge, honor and remember your impact on her teachings.”

yasmine; college student

“This workshop [IMAGINAL CELLS] was by far the most potent I have ever experienced. I have never felt so safe and supported in dance as I did during this workshop. It was truly a blessing to be able to dance freely in a space free of judgement and full of acceptance for how my authentic self showed up. I felt free to dance and move from love instead of fear, which definitely is not a norm for me. I was smiling from ear to ear most of the time, my inner child dancing for joy that she was finally free to be herself. This workshop had the perfect blend of the internal and external worlds. Self and other. You and me. Alone, together, alone. Sometimes, I tend toward isolation because I feel it to be 'safer' there. This experience helped me to come out of my shell. It helped me to realize that we need each other, that life isn't meant to be spent alone, that everything I desire is waiting for me on other side of showing up and allowing myself to be vulnerable. Any time I found myself getting caught up in a story, Mac brought me back. I could tell she has done a lot of work to be tapped in to the collective consciousness which allowed her to provide support at the exact moment it was needed."

ariana; yoga teacher & herbalist

It's hard to explain how much I got from working with Mackenzie. She is clearly deeply committed, professionally and personally. She has integrity, insight and a wealth of professional knowledge. I think what touched me most was her warmth, her humility and her ability to accept whatever came her way - qualities that only someone with a real depth and variety of experience could offer. Through this she made room, creating a safe, nonjudgemental working space in which I always felt valued and respected. She's really good.

denis; ceo & educator

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