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So., 24. Nov.




A depth psychology & 5Rhythms® workshop to discover the hidden beauty in our wounds.


Time & Location

24. Nov. 2019, 10:00 – 25. Nov. 2019, 18:00

Dresden, Dresden, Germany


About the event

///\\\ DESCRIPTION ///\\\ 

We are in nature, nature is in us. One of the most miraculous and mind-boggling transformations in nature is that of the caterpillar to butterfly. Although caterpillar & butterfly appear to be the same being, the two actually have no DNA in common. Except for the imaginal cells.  

Imaginal cells are the cells responsible for conjuring, catalyzing, & creating the stuff of” butterfly" from the soupy dissolution of the stuff of “caterpillar." Without imaginal cells, the caterpillar’s time wrapped in her silky cocoon would be for naught—there would be no transformation, no metamorphosis. It is these magical, spectacular cells—the imaginal cells—that ignite the alchemical process of transmutation & rebirth.  

In this workshop, you will be invited to explore your own dark insides—the safe, warm cocoon of your own psyche—to discover, activate, & strengthen your own imaginal cells. We will use movement, metaphor, & imagination to engage the transformation of our own souls. Whether you are the caterpillar, the cocoon, the darkness, or the newly expanded butterfly, you will clarify, deepen, & expand your relationship with your body, heart, mind, & soul. You will emerge from the journey feeling activated, moved, & in touch with a greater sense of purpose.  

We are living in challenging, beautiful times. The world needs you. Won’t you answer the call? 

///\\\ LOGISTICS ///\\\ 


Saturday Nov 23 & Sunday Nov 24: 10am - 6pm  


Air Yoga Dresden  Freie Yogalehrerin  Ilka Tätzsch  Bautzner Landstr. 62, 01324 Dresden/Bühlau 



whatsapp: +1 415 272 1989 


Before Oct 15th: €155 After Oct 15th: €195 

It is important to me that this kind of work be available to all walks of life. As such, please reach out if the cost is prohibitive & offer to volunteer or contribute to the atmosphere in some other way.  

Payment can be made via paypal, transferwise, or cash upon arrival.   

///\\\ FINAL REMARKS ///\\\ 

We have chosen to incarnate in wild times. It seems like everything is breaking & everything is possible, both. As such, I believe the best way to change the world is to *be fully here.* Fully embodied, fully in our breath, fully expressed in our hearts... to the best of our ability. Movement & depth exploration are the best ways I've found to do that.  

Can't wait to share space with you. 

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