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building a bridge to your unconscious to tap into creative flow

I have known that I was born to be a writer since I was a small child. In third grade, I convinced our classroom aid to spend some of her free period typing, laminating, and spiral binding a book of poetry I had penned. It probably contained about twelve poems, all of which were about my love of trees. 


In fifth grade, I wrote a novella about an old, leather-bound tome which would fall open at night, while the whole house slept, and out of it’s cracked-open spine, burly branches would emerge, the leaves creeping quickly up and out and around. They’d grow rapidly, quickly overtaking the house, the block, the neighborhood. They were on a mission, sourcing information about the world in the same way leaves source sunlight for food. This was a plant that ate knowledge, and like a tree takes in energy from the sun and turns it into edible sugar with a process happening deep in its root system, this tree, born of a book, would absorb knowledge and send it back to its roots, the book. That was how the book, overtime, filled its pages. 


In middle school, I came to my parents with a quarter of a screenplay I’d written, eager for advice on how to enlist actors and shoot a movie, positively bursting with unbounded vision. 


Over the years of my adolescence, I wrote countless poems, letters, essays, and thought-pieces. I even got in the habit of carrying around a notepad (for which my friends mocked me incessantly) so I remained always poised at the ready for the words to flow. 


But after a while, the urge to create became less and less joyful. Words that used to slide past undefended gates of my inner sanctum were now being twisted into knots. Ideas and inspirations were swallowed whole—I developed an eating disorder to try and stuff them down and a drinking problem to keep me blind to their presence. My previously uncomplicated inner threshold was suddenly being guarded by a pack of wild dogs, nigh-rabid and hungry for anything with a pulse, and I became caught in their tumult, a flimsy rabbit with a broken neck. 


There was no more creativity in those days, no maker to meet. Only wild animals and hungry ghosts, my insides a black hole into which everything was poured but nothing was received. Cut off from the practice of my craft as a result of stories that were too buried to tell at the time, drowning in a pain so perverse it actually made me numb, I spent my time consuming in lieu of constructing. Unaware I was trying to fill a holey bucket, I blindly kept refilling it.  


There is no creation without destruction, yes, but did you know that if you were meant to create and you don’t, you destroy instead? Every urge toward shaping is contorted into an urge to slaughter, every impulse toward divinity collapses into passivity veiled as surrender. 


I wasted years of my life self-destructing instead of creating. I let the darkness inside of me win. At least for a while. And in that time, I learned a lot about what it means to be a creator—and what it doesn’t. 


This course is an attempt to share what I’ve learned with you. 


This high-voltage program is psychic surgery for your soul. In seven weeks, you'll learn the deep wisdom of aligning with your unconscious, the single most important act in any & all creation.


Everyone from Nietzsche to Jung to Dali to Gilbert will tell you that there's no creation without surrender to the unseen, an act which can feel like the most indescribable ecstasy or the most infernal hell. Whatever your experience, one thing is for certain...


...that mysterious, ephemeral place is your unconscious, and there's an art & science to accessing it.

In this program you will learn: 

  • How to commune with your genius 

  • The art & science to automatic writing (aka how to invoke a flow state)

  • The most common creative blocks according to depth psychology (& what to do about them)

  • How to dance your way to creative freedom 

  • Various embodiment practices to deepen your praxis

  • Life-changing shadow integration tools 

  • Secrets of practical magic 

  • The art of destruction, aka How To Slay Dragons

  • How to free yourself from the Tyranny of Rationality 

                 .... and so much more! 

This program includes:

  • a sum-total of two hours of coaching (either two 1-hr sessions, four 30-minute sessions, or six 20-minute sessions)

  • 7 weeks of lessons drawing on psychology, mysticism, mythology, & pop culture to illuminate the mystery of creation in a grounded, pragmatic way (audio & pdf) 

  • Daily writing prompts & instructions to your inbox 

  • Pre-recorded 5Rhythms® sets (w/ guided instructions) of various lengths 

  • Meditations, visualizations, practices, & exercises you will use for the rest of your creative life 



  • You are unwilling to commit at least 30 minutes a day to your craft

  • You have a recent history of psychosis (I'm serious)

  • You abhor writing 

  • You have no imagination (being told you have no imagination doesn't count)

  • You do not have access to reliable internet (all lessons & coaching happen online via Zoom) 

  • You need therapeutic support, not coaching* 


less than the cost of a weekend away for a lifetime of creative fire

This course is born out of my 10+ years as an Advita practitioner, scholar of mysticism, student of depth psychology & embodiment facilitator. It's a pleasure to be able to offer you what I've learned in this way. 

Due to limits on my time, I only offer this program selectively.


To sign up, simply make your payment via paypal using the button below.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out. 

*As a coach & a psychotherapist, I know first hand the difference between a transformational coaching experience, such as the one offered in this program, and psychotherapy. My coaching programs are designed to activate, trigger, catalyze, & shake shit up--they are pressurized on purpose. If you are under-resourced, feeling unstable, or doubt your ability to stay present through the kind of fast-paced alchemical work of a coaching program, there's absolutely no shame in that. I honor your process. If you are in need of a psychotherapist, reach out for recommendations. 

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