embodied depth coaching

soulful life coaching for the magically inclined

Did you know.... 

... that you are an infinitely powerful being with an uncontested ability to wake up & live a life of wholeness, depth, & relatedness?

Indeed, it is your very birthright to do so. 

Did you know...

... that your reality is already wholly perfect—it is only your perception that has you believing otherwise?


Embodiment ||  Unifying Your Will  ||  Shadow Work
Meaning-Making || Becoming a Magician 
Emotional Intelligence  ||  Psychedelic Integration 

The Enneagram || Ethical Non-Monogamy

Initatiatory Experiences  ||  Authentic Communication 
Becoming Radically Responsible

I'm Mackenzie. 

I help people move from frustration to alignment, ignorance to gnosis, and numbness to vital embodiment through alchemical principles, hermetic magic, and depth psychology. 

What is required to turn the tide of humanity out of chaos, evil, scarcity, & hyper rationality is for YOU to become your most embodied, most soulful, most connected self. Through embodiment & depth psychological frameworks, you can eradicate the postmodern malaise of apathy, meaninglessness, & moral relativism, taking your life, your very existence, to a whole new level. 

If you want to climb higher, you have to dig deeper. With greater depth comes greater consciousness.

I wish you Providence on your grand discovery. 

May all beings be free. 

"[Mackenzie is best at] gazing ferociously into the darkness of [her's] and other humans' souls and dancing with it."

—  Porter,

Social-Emotional Learning Educator & Facilitator 

"Mackenzie is deeply engaged in what she does. When I picture her doing anything--dancing, conversing, relating--I see her fully engaged. Hands, heart, mind, belly, fully interested."

- Adam, 5Rhythms® Teacher

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